Teaching was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Doing life – the good, bad, and the ugly – with my kids was the greatest privilege. Nearly eight years later, the time I spent teaching still blows my mind and heart. 

A Day With Boo

Sissy always misses brother when he’s at school, but mama selfishly loves the time to enjoy just her. To take in the new things she’s doing. To watch her play alone. To listen to her try out new words. Here’s a day with Bekah Boo in pictures. 

Taking care of her babies.    
  Cooking for mama. She takes one ingredient out, pours it in her pot, stirs, puts it back in the fridge and starts again. This little kitchen brings so much joy.   
Fun at the book store where she fell in love with a kitty and methodically picked out books saying, “how abouuuuuuu” and exclaiming, “how about!” when she finds one to her liking.  


A little lunch and some copy writing at Lux.

Loving and laughing pick up time with her brother bear. 


Helping mama make zoodles for dinner during brother’s epic nap.     

Besitos for papa to end the day!  

Parenting with Gut Reactions

“Most of us raise our children based on our gut reactions. But how do we know whether such responses are trustworthy or just the result of bad lasagna? Actually, adult “gut reactions” are the results of childhood responses to family emotions and interactions. Therefore, “gut feel” is more valid if we had a happy childhood and presently have peaceful and rewarding relationships at home and elsewhere. On the other hand, if we react to our childhood by saying, ‘I sure do want things differently with my kid than my mom and dad did with me,’ then our gut reactions will probably be untrustworthy and faulty.” – Parenting with Love & Logic

Why Not Me?

“And the scary thing I’ve noticed is that some people really feel uncomfortable around women who don’t hate themselves…Which is why you need the tiniest bit of bravery. People get scared when you try to do something, especially when it looks like you’re succeeding. People do not get scared when you’re failing. It calms them…But when you’re winning it makes them feel like they’re losing or, worse yet, that maybe they should’ve tried to do something too but now it’s too late. And since they didn’t, they want to stop you. You can’t let them.

I get worried that telling girls how difficult it is to be confident implies a tacit expectation that girls won’t be able to do it.” – Mindy Kaling

Little People Learning: Subscriptions


Some of our incredibly generous family members have signed our kiddos up for various paid subscriptions as gifts for holidays/birthdays. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving and adds a lot to your at home learning tool kit. 

Subscriptions we have and what we love about them:

  • Highlights Search & Find. Henry will spend lots of time  hunting down hidden items in these magazines. At first, this seemed to be a pretty challenging concept for the little guy but he quickly got the hang of it. These can be done alone or with a grown up and are awesome on car rides. There are sticker pages and matching/comparison puzzles as extra fun. 
  • Zootles. For the animal lover! Each month is centrally planned around one animal, one letter, and one number. This is age appropriate and so helpful for the parent who wants to teach at home but isn’t great about planning. 
  • Humpty Dumpty. This one is filled with variety: puzzles, stories, rhyming, and number/letter activities. 

Auntie signed Bekah up for a subscription and, I must admit, I assumed it would be something we would have to save and use when she was older. Not so! Highlight’s Let’s Grow subscription is awesome for any child 6mos+. The subscription sends 2 books and an associated item that corresponds with the month’s theme. The themes focus on the world around baby and baby’s relationships with others. The books are very sturdy and are beautifully illustrated. Important: the subscription is gender specific so make sure you mark that if you sign up for your child or as a gift for others! 



We are very grateful for our family’s thoughtfulness and support in growing our kiddos’ minds and hearts!

(Additionally, family members have gone in on or gifted us memberships to the zoo and Children’s Museum – memberships are also great gifts for children that keep on giving and don’t fill up toy boxes.)

Bathroom Spruce Up

A master bathroom remodel is just about finished in this house and we couldn’t be more excited. That said, it was making our guest bath seem extra sad. To keep us from going crazy and trying to remodel that one right now too, I decided to just give it a little TLC and spruce up. Soooo I went to Target. IMG_2709.JPGIMG_2710.JPGWe live in a small 1950’s home so design and function (namely storage) are important features to have. That galvanized steal fellow was a whopping $14 on clearance.

Frames, no prints, and a cheap solution. IMG_2732.JPGIMG_2731.JPG
I found an awesome site that offers beautifully designed desktop wallpapers for free. I took a few of their images, PDF’d them at the highest dpi possible, and uploaded them for print at FedEx Kinko’s on 110lb card stock (just shoot me an email if you can’t figure it out). IMG_2735.PNGIMG_2736.PNGIMG_2737.PNG

IMG_2738.PNGThere are literally hundreds to choose from and they are amazing. You should do yourself a favor and check out the site no matter what.

I still support the many awesome small businesses out there and purchase prints. Some of my faves come from:
Naptime Diaries
Grace Laced Shoppe
Jaime Bravo
Rachel Harding
Angela Dimler Photography/Life